Call for Papers

We welcome applied and/or policy-relevant, academic papers that make important contributions to the study of Asian economies. Possible sessions include, but are not limited to, the following:


A. Economic Integration
B. Multinationals and the Global Economy
C. Economic Recovery and Income Disparity
D. Global Imbalances
E. Green Growth and Sustainable Development
F: Post Disaster Economics
G. Singapore Economy
H. The Economics Profession and Teaching
I. Exchange Rates
J. Financial Institutions and Markets
K. Household and Firm Behavior
L. Food and Agricultural Policy
M. Growth and Productivity
N. ODA and NGO Activities
O. International Trade and Trade Policy
P. International Investment and Capital Flows
Q. Supply Chain and Economic Development
R. Institutions and Economic Analysis
S. Labor and Human Resources
T. Macroeconomic Management
U. Natural Resource Economics
V. Poverty and Income Distribution
W. Public Sector Economics
X. Services Sector Economics
Y. Technology and Economic Analysis
Z. Corruption and Development